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hearts and pencil marks

I'm Katie. I draw and write poems and shit.Um. . . Ya.

I need this mug.

I need this mug.

I just want someone to fight with constantly and kiss and hug it out. Is that so much to ask for? Where is my Nick Miller?

Watching Cinderella and missing my Gus Gus a whole awful lot. #gussy

Watching Cinderella and missing my Gus Gus a whole awful lot. #gussy

1 year

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And the hole is back
Coming to devour everything.

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Tyler Oakley Interviews Michelle Obama

He has interviewed Michelle Obama!!! Can someone please give him a television show contract already?!
Like seriously.

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I feel so lonely and lost. Sometimes I just think I would be better off dead. Do you have any advice on how to get through the day without wanting to kill myself?


Honestly, I wish I did. I wake up every morning wishing I was dead. I’ll be driving to work sometimes, and wonder what it would be like to just run that red light and get hit by a truck. But something always seems to stop me. That small little thought in the back of my head, “Maybe things will get better.”

And that is the thought that keeps me going. Because as much as I hate the way life is, at least as long as I’m alive I still stand a chance at being happy. The second I give up, the second I die, I will never have that opportunity again.

So I keep living a miserable life, and cry every night when I’m alone, hoping that one day, I’ll finally be happy. 

Until that day, I keep trying. Because the second you stop trying to be happy, you’re already dead. 

So just hang in there, and remember that you aren’t alone. I’m here for you. I promise.

You complain about how life is so tough and how you're so alone, yet you sit on Tumblr all day instead of doing something with your life. Lol your pathetic. All you want is pity.


Okay listen, Anon.

I’m rarely on Tumblr. I usually have my Queue+ posting all day. I work full time, and attend university full time. I queue thousands of posts every weekend (it takes me like 5 minutes to do with Queue+), and let that run throughout the week.

I’m sorry for needing a place to vent and complain. For some reason, I thought this site was a place where people could be open about their feelings and thoughts. Guess I was wrong.

Honestly, It’s people like you who make it impossible for people to open up to others. It’s people like you who make me scared to make new friends.

Also, It’s you’re not your. So kindly fuck off and let me blog in peace :)

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Isn’t she stunning?